“Being a kid”, have time, be yourself, are key words in our nursery. Our main focus is giving the children time, time to orientate, to arrive, time to find themselves, to explore their favourite location. It also means we take the time to discover “treasures” with the children: Especially stones, snails – that also means all these things are explored with all senses: How does it feel? Does a snail have a smell? Can I myself move this fast or slow? We think it is important for the children to find these questions – intrinsic interest can stimulate their own explorative curiosity – and they need that in our nursery.

On the other side we are a nursery for adventurers: The experienced daily routine in our spacious facilities allows the children to be independent, to identify their own needs and satisfy them. Currently, the favourite place of our adventurers is the big exercise room.

Respect, helpfulness and consideration are important aspects in our daily routine. We not only expect it from our children and our interactions but also want to implement these regarding nature and animals. Hence we are building nesting boxes and provision storages for animals in our nursery.



There are two groups of up to twelve children aged one and a half to three years (the age of kindergarten admission) in our nursery in Reith bei Seefeld.

The children can discover and explore the world in their own time and according to their needs in our large rooms with a lot of space to move around.

With shared time in the nursery the children learn to look out for and learn from each other.

We provide the childen with the possibility to play outside as much as possible. Therefore, after the morning snack, we go to the nearby playground, as long as the weather allows it.


Age of admission

18 months to kindergarten age


Group size

A group with a maximum of 12 children


7.00 – 9.00 a.m.: Drop-off time in the morning

ca. 9.30 a.m.: Morning snack

12.00 – 12.30 a.m.: Lunch

until 14.00 a.m.: Pick-up time with lunch

until 12.00 a.m.: Pick-up time without lunch


The nursery has a playing room, an eating room, a kitchen and an exercise room.

Since children need a lot of exercise, we go outside to the nearby playground as often as possible. When the weather really does not allow going outside, the children can play in our new exercise room.

At 9.30 a.m. we have snack time with butter, jam, ham or cheese bread and water.

At ca. 11.00 a.m. we have a fruit snack on the playground.

Lunch: The food is child-appropriate, varied and balanced. We respect possible allergies, intolerance, aversions or religious or cultural eating habits.



€ 4,00 (Morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack)

€ 1,00 Only snacks

Child-care costs monthly


€ 153,00 for up to 15 h/Week

€ 201,00 for up to 20 h/Week

€ 248,00 for up to 25 h/Week

€ 296,00 for up to 30 h/Week

€ 390,00 for more than 30 h/Week


Siblings discount -10%


Römerstraße 28, 6103 Reith bei Seefeld



Martina Gruber

Tel 0664.887 256 45



Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. with lunch.

Our nursery is closed in August.

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