Since the foundation of the organisation Frauen im Brennpunkt in 1986 the founders Dr. Hadwig Seidl and Dr. Marie-Luise Pokorny-Reitter and the association had one main goal: Provide services for women to lead a life according to their own preferences and work in a good and well-paid profession as well as manage a balance between work and family life.



Day nannies

  • Over 50 day nannies in Innsbruck Stadt & Land, Schwaz and Reutte
  • High quality, all day and all year child-care for children age 0 to 14
  • Regular professional and certified education for day nannies
  • Further training in day care


  • 7 nurseries in the city of Innsbruck, the region of Innsbruck, as well as in the region of Reutte
  • High qualified child-care with focus on the individual development of each child


within the WomenProfessionCentre and WomenServiceCentre


  • WomenProfessionCentre Tyrol in Innsbruck, Schwaz, Wörgl, Landeck, Reutte, Kitzbühel and Imst in cooperation with the Public Employment Service Tyrol
  • Personal counselling in Innsbruck and Landeck – available for every woman, anonymously, confidentially, free of charge – for women and girls for a personal or vocational re-orientation, (re-)entry, education and further training, living security
  • Our entire consulting offer is free of charge


  • Women- and gender-political work and awareness raising for issues specific for women
  • Multiple events and workshops specific for women
  • Trainings & Expertise on Gender&Diversity
  • Gender-sensitive youth work


This formation of the board of directors is active since the 5th of October 2016. For us, it is of great importance to offer the best services, for parents who are searching for a day nanny or a nursery, for women and girls who participate in counselling sessions, lectures, workshops etc. and to fulfil their individual needs.

Therefore we need employees who work with knowledge, motivation and discretion. As board of directors we support our qualified and motivated employees and guarantee proper work conditions and a good teamwork.

If there are any special concerns, please contact us.




1st Deputy


2nd Deputy


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At Frauen im Brennpunkt we also focus on the well-being of our employees and provide a proficient representation for them. Therefore we are proud of our long-lasting and professional communication with our staff association. Voted through the last elections for the staff association the new formation is active since 21st of February 2017 for a term of five years.

There are regular meetings with the management and the board of directors to discuss and if possible solve any requests, concerns, wishes and complaints.


Frauen im Brennpunkt was founded as a non-profit and independent organisation in 1986. We offer full-time and all year child care with day nannies as well as in nurseries. Twice a year we organise an educational training to become a day nanny. Another focus is the counselling for women and girls in phases of work-related and private re-orientation or in crisis. It is also very important to us to raise the awareness for equality.

Please send your unsolicited application to:

Frauen im Brennpunkt

6020 Innsbruck | Innrain 25


It is very important to us to provide accessibility in all our workspaces – this is a central topic in equality as well as in women’s counselling. When choosing new workspaces we pay special attention to accessibility. It was an important concern while planning and designing our new main office in Innsbruck 2015. Every counselling room, meeting and seminar room as well as the toilets are accessible for people with restricted mobility.

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