Around 50 qualified day nannies in Innsbruck, Innsbruck-Land, Reutte and Schwaz are employed by Frauen im Brennpunkt and take care of more than 200 day children.


Our day nannies take good care of your child. Day nannies take care of a maximum of four children in family-like surroundings. The day nanny facilitates and supports the individual care and development of each child. Your child can play as much as it wants with its temporary siblings. He/She can run around, eat, sleep and develop significantly.


A day nanny according to your and your child’s needs. We provide help in finding the perfect day nanny for you and your child. Before the start of care there is a familiarization period where your child can get to know his/her new playmates, the day nanny and the new routine.


You can go to work with a calm heart. Our day nannies are selected carefully and have a qualified education. Thereby we guarantee that your child experiences a caring and pedagogic child-care and specifically for his/her age and needs. If there are any educational questions they will be discussed with you.


Our day nannies are absolutely reliable. As a basis for good cooperation there will be a contract between you and Frauen im Brennpunkt. Therein are your and our terms and duties. Every day nanny is employed by Frauen im Brennpunkt in a work and social insured employment status. The organisation also supports the day nannies regarding pedagogic questions. Regular feedbacks and trainings are part of our standard.


Our day nannies are there for you and your child, whenever you need them. Our day nannies work according to the work hours of the parents and are also available in the morning or evening, if necessary. They take care of your children whenever you need them – for a few days a week, all day or part-time, all year or during the holiday periods.


A day nanny lives near you. More than fifty day nannies work in the districts Innsbruck Stadt and Land, Schwaz and Reutte. You can choose a day nanny who lives near your home or your workplace.

The costs for this form of child-care are calculated by the actual hours of care and the catering, your child needs. Additionally there is a monthly administrative fee.

The child-care of our day nannies is booked in 2-hour sessions.

The food is billed individually per month. The specific care hours per day are determined in the contract according to your needs and the possible times of the day nanny. We provide discounts for siblings and twins.

Our branch managers offer to calculate the costs for your individual child-care and advice you regarding possible financial supports.

Support for child-care costs:

 – AMS Kinderbetreuungsbeihilfe 
Land Tirol, Abteilung Gesellschaft und Arbeit – Bereich Familie 

For children, younger than ten years, more than 2.300,00 Euro of child-care costs can be set off against tax liability.


Placement of day nannies:


Branch Manager Innsbruck-Stadt

6020 Innsbruck | Innrain 25

Tel 0512 58 76 08-15

Mobil 0650 880 61 45


Mo – Fr from 08.00 to 13.00

Hötting, Hötting West/Lohbach, Höttinger Au, Kranebitten, Mühlau, Pradl, Pradler Saggen, Reichenau, Saggen, Wilten Ost and West:

We have vacancies with our day nannies in:

  • Hötting: 1 vacancy
  • Hötting Au: 4 vacancies
  • Pradl: 1 vacancy
  • Reichenau: 1 vacancy
  • St. Nikolaus: 2 vacancies
  • Wilten Ost: 1 vacancy

October 2018


Branch Manager Innsbruck-Land

6020 Innsbruck | Innrain 25

Tel. +43(0)512 587 608-23

Mobile +43(0)677 6414 0742


From Monday to Thursday from 09.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.

Aldrans, Birgitz, Hall i.T., Inzing, Leutasch, Reith bei Seefeld, Rum, St. Sigmund im Sellrain, Scharnitz, Telfs, Völs, Wattens, Zirl

We have vacancies with our day nannies in:

  • Aldrans: 2 vacancies
  • Birgitz: 3 vacancies | forenoon
  • Hall i. T.: 3 vacancies
  • Inzing: 2 vacancies
  • St. Sigmund im Sellrain: 2 vacancies
  • Scharnitz: 2 vacancies
  • Rum: 2 vacancies
  • Telfs: 2 vacancies
  • Völs: 1 vacancy
  • Wattens: 5 vacancies

October 2018


Branch Manager Schwaz

6130 Schwaz | Postgasse 1

Tel 0650.880 61 45


Mo – Fr from 08:00 to 13:00

Aschau, Eben/Maurach, Jenbach, Strass im Zillertal, Stumm, Vomp

We have vacancies with our day nannies in:

  • Aschau: 2 vacancies | on Saturdays as well
  • Jenbach: 2 vacancies
  • Stumm i. Z.: 2 Vacancies
  • Strass i. Z.: 2 vacancies
  • Vomp: 2 vacancies

October 2018


Branch Manager Reutte

6600 Reutte | Plansee-Straße 6/I

Tel 05672.659 56


Monday and Tuesday from 10.00 to 12.00

Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00

Breitenwang, Ehenbichl, Ehrwald, Elmen, Heiterwang, Höfen, Reutte, Steeg

Placement of day nannies in:

  • Breitenwang: 1-2 vacancies | after consulting
  • Ehenbichl: 1 vacancy | after consulting
  • Ehrwald: 1 vacancy | after consulting
  • Heiterwang: 1 vacancy | after consulting
  • Höfen: 1 vacancy
  • Reutte: 1-2 vacancies
  • Steeg: 1-2 vacancies

October 2018

Do you want to join our team?

Qualified. Certified. Free of charge.


The next training starts on the 18th of September 2018.


Extent of education

 3-4 months with 2-3 days/week

220 theoretical units

80 practical units beside experienced day nannies


Content of education

Basics and methods of pedagogics

Development psychology

Communication and cooperation with the parents

Legal framework

First Aid/child emergencies

Healthy nutrition, exercising

The course ends with a specialised essay and a final interview. Following the training the day nannies are hired in a socially insured employment status and experience the support of a professional organisation. Specific information about the course and the daily work life can be acquired in advance at regular lectures: Thursday, 22nd June 2017 (Registration: 0512.58 76 08 or


Caring. Professional. Adjustable.

Since 1986 Frauen im Brennpunkt is active in the area of professional education of day nannies. The organisation is a certified educational institution since 2013 but also works as an employer for trained day nannies. Currently there are more than 50 employees taking care of more than 200 children between 0 and 14 years of age – all year and all day, if necessary. The non-profit organisation places day nannies in the districts Innsbruck, Innsbruck Land, Schwaz and Reutte and guarantees a high work standard: Every day nanny is continuously supported by experts and obligated to participate in regular trainings.


Personal. Familial. Individual.

Day nannies combine professional competences with caring family surroundings. Supported by qualified educators in small group, the focus is on a collective experience of family life. The day nanny takes care of a maximum of four children under the age of 12 at the same time – so we can guarantee that every child gets enough attention and the individual needs can be identified. Thereby the child can develop at his/her own pace.

Our day nanny training is certified by the Federal Ministry

Further information about the day nanny training can be found here.

We are looking forward to see you!





Social Education Manager

Tel 0512.58 76 08-17


Frauen im Brennpunkt is a member of the Association “Tagesmütter Tirol”. We are authorized to use the brand “Tagesmütter Tirol”. Click here for further Information:

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