Since many skills, such as language, must first be learned, creativity is one of the most important forms of expression for children.

We, the team from the nursery emil, would like to give them opportunities, space and time to develop this important skill. Reform pedagogues like Maria Montessori and Loris Malaguzzi from the Reggio pedagogy recognised early how important own actions are for the child’s development. Through this self-activity, creativity is encouraged and children’s self-esteem is also strengthened. That is why many ideas of these educational philosophies flow into our work.

Through loving, open care we want to create a climate where creativity is possible. The nursery is a place where self-doing should be possible and children can make their own experiences. In our nurseries, many different skills work together – everyone learns from each other.


The nursery emil is located in the east of Innsbruck at Schützenstraße 66. We are equipped with spacious, very bright and friendly rooms with areas for resting, moving, cooking and extensive play.

We have two group rooms, one common exercise room, one restaurant for the open snack and lunch and one large garden at the children’s disposal. The children can unfold in the nursery on 200 square metres.

emil is open all year round for children from 18 months to kindergarten entry age. If required, the children can make use of the lunch menu.

In our two mixed-age small groups, the “mice” and “frogs” the children can play and laugh together, romp and rest, learn from and with each other and much more. Furthermore, a maximum of 12 children can be in a group at the same time.



18 months to kindergarten entry



A maximum of 12 children per group are supervised by one child-care educator and one assistant.


07.00-08.30 a.m. – Arrival and free play time

08.15-09.45 a.m.– Open time – The children can choose freely between two rooms.

08.15-09.30 a.m. – Open (sliding) snack in the emil children’s restaurant

09.45-10.30 a.m. – Outdoor time – garden, walk or playground nearby

10.30-10.45 a.m. – Arrival at the nursery, washing hands

10.45-11.00 a.m. – Educational unit – pedagogical offer varies according to topic

from 11.00 a.m. – Pick-up time for parents

11.00-11.45 a.m. – Lunch part 1 – children with nap

11.45 a.m. – 12.15 p.m. – Lunch part 2 – children without nap

11.45 a.m. – 13.45 Uhr p.m. – Nap time

11.00 a.m. – 14.00 p.m. – midday rest in the mouse group (free play)

from 14.00 Uhr p.m. – small afternoon-group (6 children)

14.00-14.30 p.m. – Free playing time

14.30-14.45 p.m. – educational unit – pedagogical offer

14.45-15.00 p.m. – group snack

15.00-17.00 p.m. – Free playtime – garden, walk, group rooms

The rooms are designed in such a way that play materials are kept within reach of the children. There are areas for retreat and rooms for movement. Areas in the individual group rooms invite the children to be creative. We offer play materials that stimulate the senses. We also offer imaginative play materials that are changeable and can be used creatively in a variety of ways.

The meals are suitable for children, balanced and varied.

We show consideration for allergies, intolerances, dislikes, religious or ideological eating habits.


€ 4,00 (morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack)

€ 1,00 only snack

Care costs monthly

starting January 2021


Half day rate € 260,00 for up to 25 h/week

Half day rate € 311,00 for up to 30 h/week

€ 361,00 for up to 35 h/week

Full day rate € 410,00 for more than 35 h/week


Afternoon rate (up to 20 hours)

€ 211,00


Maximum care time for full-time employed parents 50 h/week.


Additional half day (max. 4 hours)

€ 10,00


Sibling discount – 10%

Employee discount – 30%


Schützenstraße 66, 6020 Innsbruck



Christina Lechner

Tel 0664.152 00 76

Opening hours

The nursery is open all year round from Monday to Friday from 07.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.

The children can be brought between 7.00 and 08.30 a.m. and picked up between 11.00 an 12.00 a.m. without lunch or from 12.00 a.m. with lunch.

Closing times 2020/21

25.12.2020 – 03.01.2021

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