The nurseries of Frauen im Brennpunkt are made for the whole family.

They support the family life and care for the children all year – and in most of the nurseries all day.


Our educational work

While working with children we pay special attention to equality of all children regarding gender, social, religious and ethnic origins. The children are not judged but rather accompanied by our trained staff according to their development and needs. We think it is important to teach children societal norms like sharing, friendly interaction, consideration and helpfulness. Furthermore we see it as important to live as an example that shows respect, politeness and appreciation.


We work according to needs and want to:

Build a place with as much individuality as possible and where the children feel comfortable.

Facilitate the children’s independence

Make social integration possible

Support equality and non-discrimination

Pay attention to a child’s special needs

Give security through rituals, limits and structures

Enable social experiences

Convey experiences with various materials


Our focus points in parent work

Parents or legal guardians are equal to us and we seek constructive collaboration on a basis of mutual trust.

For parents it is important to know that their child is in good and professional care and for us working with the parents is also an important part of our work. We see ourselves as contact regarding your children while they attend our nurseries, but also as company between transitions (e.g. from the family to the nursery, from the nursery to kindergarten).


Our parent work includes

Room for personal conversations

Support for the parents and parenting

Transparency regarding our work: information about the children are given to the parents

Regular parent meetings and events to show them our work.

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