Finding the right occupation brings various challenges for students. In Workshops we work on finding an answer. We work directly with the students in the classrooms.

Starting with their own skills and expectations we raise the participants’ awareness about traditional stereotypes and societal expectations. We take the regional situation in Tyrol into account and create our own strategies. The adolescents learn about the following topics in an understandable and practical way: Salary equality, Part-Time work, Communication on the job, Women in job positions normally domineered by men, their own skills, …

They can choose different focus points from a wide range of topics and the workshop is planned around that. A selection: Societal expectations and stereotypes; Job choice – where do I want to go; my skills – what do I excel at and how can I use my skills in the labor market; special challenges for girls and boys in the labor market;



Duration: 2×2 Units

Location: directly in school

Costs (2019): none

Dates: On request

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